Created 18-May-10

When my children were small and life felt normal, I tried recording the beauty of wild flowers on paper with pen and water color. I could capture every detail of the flower, but not their essence. After a divorce and the loss of my son, I continued to hike and camp with friends. I returned to the mountains. After a while, they became a place of healing and the flowers somehow became a symbol of my struggle to survive. The wild flowers I had painted so long ago were still there and they still sang to me.

Suddenly I realize…
If I stepped out of my body
I would break
Into blossom.

James Wright

Now, using a camera I photograph them in their own habitat. I show the grace of petals and stems…the explosions of color against color...the subtleties of light on petals... sometimes, a delicate ethereal quality and their serenity.

To walk through the trees,
wild flowers and bird songs,
To be at peace now.
Bonnie Best
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